The effect of socio-demographic characteristics of the dog owners on dog breed choices

Mustafa Özcan1*,  Bulent Ekiz1 Nursen Ozturk1 Ozlem Sertel Berk2
1.Istanbul University, Veterinary Faculty, Department of Animal Breeding and Husbandry, Avcilar, Istanbul.
2.Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Psychology, Fatih, Istanbul.
*Mustafa Özcan: 

Received: 27.11.2017,  Accepted: 19.12.2017,  Available online: 21.12.2017

The aim of this study was to identify the socio-demographic characteristics of the professional, semi-professional and non-professional dog owners who participate/interested are in any of association, social platform, pet fair and pet show related with dogs. Furthermore, it was purposed to determine the choices of owners from different demographic characteristics on size, dominance statue and function of the dog. This study was conducted by an online survey. The link of this survey was sent to members and followers of Dog Breed Federation through their corporate social networking site. 619 dog owners from various socio-demographic profile of the society attended voluntarily to this survey and 581 fully answered surveys were accepted as the material of the study. As a result, it was determined that more than half of the dog owners made their breed choices on breeds over 35 kg live weight, large size and with dominance traits. Owners’ tendencies for the dog breeds was affected by gender, age, education statues and environment where the dog is kept. However, marital status, income level, house sharing, child number in the family and owning another pet(s) at home didn’t have any significant affect on the breed choices.

Keywords: dog, breed, dog owner, socio-demographic characteristics