Rhinoscopy in tree dogs

Duygu sezer1*, Kemal Altunatmaz1

  1. Istanbul University Cerrahpasa, Veterinary Faculty, Surgery Department, Avcilar, Istanbul, Turkey.

  *Duygu Sezer: m.duygu.sezer@gmail.com 

31.05.2018,  Accepted: 18.07.2018,  Available online: 19.07.2018


Rhinoscopy is a significant procedure which explores patients upper airway problems. It is easy to implement, provides important information, saves patient from invasive procedures like rhinotomy and obtains substantial hints during diagnostic process. It was aimed to define to advantages of rhinoscopy in diagnosis and treatment of epistaxis and usage of rhinoscopy routinely in clinical examination in Istanbul University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Surgery.


Keywords: rhinoscopy, foreign body, epistaxis