Peste Des Petit Ruminants-A review

Süleyman Kozat1*       Ehsan Sepehrizadeh1

1.Yuzuncu Yıl University, Faculty of Veterinary, Department of Internal Medicine, Zeve Campus-Van/Turkey

Received: 15.06.017,  Accepted: 08.08.2017,  Available online: 22.08.2017

Peste des petit ruminants [PPR] is a highly contagious viral disease which is characterized with acute or sub-acute hyperthermia, extremely contagious and mostly pernicious disease of sheep as well as goats and wild small ruminants. In this review, detailed information on etiology, transmission, clinical findings, diagnosis of method, control and elimination pathological, and epizootiological findings of Peste des petits ruminants was given.

Keywords:  Peste des petits ruminants, Small ruminant