Parasitary infestation in three tiger cubs

Burçak Özkan

1.Kadıkoy,Istanbul/ Turkey 

 *Burçak Özkan:
08.01.2018,  Accepted: 15.05.2018 Available online: 16.05.2018


Being an apex predator, the tiger is known as an indicator of healthy ecosystems. This animal's crucial role causes a significant decrease in the population, in case death occurs the  ecosystem devastation also occurs. This highlights the importance of this species' protection. Apart from hunting, traps, road causalities, starvation and unidentified reasons, diseases, mostly parasites are one of the most significant reason of these animals' death. There are different researches explaining the most important and frequent parasites detected in tigers. Toxocara spp. is one of them. This case report explains the treatment period of three tiger cubs suffering from Toxocara spp. One female cub and a male cub revealed gastrointestinal signs. Anemia accompanied these signs in male cub. The third cub was asymptomatic. Apart from supportive treatment, pyrantel pamoate was administrated to all cubs. The treatment was judged as successful. The therapy procedure and preventive measurements were evaluated.

Keywords: Tiger, Toxocara spp. parasitary infestation, felid, wildlife