Parasitary infestation in a fox

Burçak Özkan

1.Kadıkoy,Istanbul/ Turkey 

 *Burçak Özkan:
02.01.2018,  Accepted: 25.04.2018 Available online: 30.04.2018


Foxes are a member of Canidae family belonging to carnivora order. There are a lot of fox species all around the world. Human population growth, anthropogenic landscape changes, ameliorated vaccine protocols, laws against hunting, the increasing interest towards wildlife and wild animals resulted in augmented fox population and human-fox interaction. These all have important biologic consequences such as prevention and treatment of zoonotic diseases and endangered species protection. Both sarcoptic mange and coccidiois are two important parasitary diseases seen in foxes. In this case, a young female fox suffering sarcoptic mange and coccidiosis is presented. Haemogram and biochemistry measurements of the patient were between normal intervals except values pointing out a slight anemia. This anemia was thought to be due to parasitary infestations. A therapy schedule including ivermectin, trimetoprim/sulfa, vitamin-B was applied according to the literature and the treatment was judged as successful. Important conclusions gained from this report have been shared in the result of the case report.

Keywords: Fox, sarcoptes, coccidiosis, isospora, anemia