Investigation of Dirofilaria immitis enfestation in dogs in Samsun region

Background: Dirofilaria immitis is a parasite encountered especially in dogs, sometimes in cats, fox, wolf and rarely in humans, which is transmitted with female mosquitos and results in disorders in the circulatory and respiratory systems. It is also named as “heartworm”.   This nematode is widespread in other countries and the presence of it in our country is reported by various researchers. The aim of the present study is the investigation of Dirofilaria immitis presence in the Samsun city and neighbourhood regions and forming a preventative program in case of determination of distribution. Methods: In the study, 100 blood specimen were collected from dogs over 1 years old, living around still waters and mature Dirofilaria immitis antigenes were searched by the  Dirofilaria immitis spesific  ELISA test (FASTest HW. Antigen-MegaCor GmbH Diagnostik). Results: Although the dogs sed in the study were chosen from the regions with high probability of parasite presence, no positive results were achieved.  Conclusions: Though this result may be evaluated as no Dirofilaria immitis parasite is present in Samsun and nearby regions, considering that in nonendemic areas serologic tests may give negative results, our certain opinion is that the Samsun city and neighbouring regions are not  endemic areas for heartworm, and the mentioned nematode may not be present in this region at all.
Keywords : Dirofilaria immitis, Samsun