Inherited Diseases of Holstein Cattle: Story So Far in Turkey

Kozet AVANUS 1*     Ahmet ALTINEL 1

1.Department of Animal Breeding and Husbandry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Istanbul University, 34320, Avcilar, Istanbul / TURKEY 

Kozet Avanus:
Received: 30.06.017,  Accepted: 18.08.2017,  Available online: 21.08.2017

Inherited diseases are caused by recessive alleles proceed from increased inbreeding in Holstein cattle population. Bovine leucocyte adhesion deficiency (BLAD), deficiency of uridine monophosphate synthase enzyme (DUMPS), complex vertebral malformation (CVM), factor XI deficiency (FXID) and bovine citrulinaemia (BC) are the most frequent inherited diseases in Holstein cattle population. The prevalence for carriers of BLAD, DUMPS, CVM, FXID and BC diseases were reported highest in Denmark (21.5%), USA (1.2%), Japan (32.5%), Turkey (18%) and Australia (13%) respectively. Moreover the highest prevalence for carriers of BLAD, CVM and FXID were reported as 2.2%, 3.4%  and 18% respectively in Turkey so far. Neither DUMPS nor BC carriers were identified in Turkey so far. However further studies are required in order to identify the provinces that have risks for mutant alleles of inherited diseases in Turkey. Determining the carrier animals and exclude them from breeding is the only solution for eradication studies of inherited diseases.

Keywords:  Holstein, inherited disease, BLAD, DUMPS, CVM, FXID, BC.