Echocardiographic diagnosis of heartworm disease (Dirofilaria immitis) in a dog

This case report describes a 6 year old male Dobermann referred to our clinic (Istanbul University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) with compleints of shivering, polydipsia, sneezing, chronic dry cough, mouth breathing, apathie and diagnosed with echocardiography as Dirofilariasis based on the clinical and laboratory examinations in Turkey. Clinical pathological irregularities in pulse rate (60/min), respirations number (78/ min), and capillary refill time ( >2sc), while haematologic values of the case were between the reference intervals. CK (554 IU/ L) and LDH (763 IU/L) enzyme activities were  high. Electrocardiographic examinations indicated deep Q  (-1mV / lead II)  and S waves  (-1 mV / lead II), P-pulmonale (3mV / lead II) and notching in R waves, where,   echocardiographic examinations revealed right atrial  and vent-ricular dilatation  with mature D. immitis   bodies at the pulmonery artery, right ventricule and right atrium. In conclusion, we suggest that routine echocardiographic examinations will be beneficial in confirming  D. Immitis sus-picion based on clinical and electrocardiographic evaluations. 
Keywords : Canine heartworm, Dirofilaria immitis, echocardiograph