Blood transfusion in dogs


Parallel to increasing expertise in the field of Veterinary Medicine the demand for blood and blood components, thus the knowledge in this area has increased. The purpose of this review is to congregate information about blood groups, blood components and their preparation, storage, application and adverse reactions in dogs. Among the described 13 blood groups have been described in dogs, the ones having antigenic importance are DEA (Dog Erytrocyte Antigen) 1.1 and DEA 1.2 positive. Dogs do not produce natural antibodies thus eliminating adverse effects risks during the first transfusion, but for pursuing transfusions the risk could be eliminated by blood typing and crossmatching. Technological improvements have provided important advantages for preparation of blood components and their storage. Thus, the veterinarian could choose a treatment strategy much more beneficially and economically according to the patient’s needs.

Keywords : Transfusion,blood products,dog,adverse reactions,blood group